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Jackie Mitchell, editor
Jackie Mitchell, editor
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By Jackie Mitchell, Journal and Gazette editor

THIS week our page 17 is graced by HM the Queen, singing the praises of local newspapers.

I’m not sure what local papers covers Buckingham Palace and Balmoral, but they’ve obviously impressed the Queen.

And quite rightly too. Local papers do play a vital role - where else will you find out about the good, the bad and the ugly in your town?

The news on who has had triplets, who has appeared in court, who is having marking the jubilee (congrats Ma’am) and who our Olympic champions are only appears in your local paper.

If a fire engine goes up your street, your local paper and associated website should be telling you why. We publish 52 weeks of the year, attend as many events as we possibly can, and pre publicise as much as we can to make ourselves an unbeatable what’s on guide. Our district news gives the minutiae of life, while our front pages reflect on the most talked about news in town every week. Help us celebrate Local Newspaper Week this year by encouraging more people to buy the J and G.