J and G Third Degree

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submitted pic

In the spotlight this week is Tom Burns of Bo’ness

1 What’s been the best film you’ve seen recently, and why?

Skyfall. Why? Because I could go to the Hippodrome in Bo’ness.

2 Share something that’s made you laugh in the past week.

The horse jokes, especially the video posted on Facebook when two guys dressed as a horse ran around Tesco.

3 Name three things you associate with your youth.

Working with Tam delivering the milk, Bo’ness Boys’ Club and meeting my lovely wife.

4 Where would you like to visit next on holiday and why?

La Cala, Spain. Nice wee quiet resort to chill out.

5 Share your biggest fashion disaster.

That is me every day according to my daughter.

6 It’s not widely known but:

I am a big Status Quo fan and can’t wait to see the original band on March 9.

7 Which three famous people dead or alive would you love to share a pint with?

Kenny Dalglish, John Lennon and Status Quo.

8 I’m at my happiest when...

Bo’ness United are winning and when the sun shines on the last Friday in June.

9 What’s guaranteed to wind you up?

I am not easily wound up but when people mouth off and don’t know the correct facts.

10 If I won the lottery I’d...

Be off on a family trip to Arizona to visit my son, Jordan, help all the community organisations in Bo’ness and, of course, Bo’ness United.