Knitters being sought

280212 teddies for tragedy knitting group at queensferry parish church.
280212 teddies for tragedy knitting group at queensferry parish church.
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KNITTERS are being sought to help knit teddies and blankets for refugee and orphaned children across the world.

Norma Brown is helping to co-ordinate the “Teddies for Tragedies” appeal which has been on the go since 1985.

The first ever teddies were sent to a Sudanese orphanage where over 2000 children had contracted TB but since then they have been sent to places such as Peru, Zambia, Romania, Calcutta, Thailand, Croatia, Albania, Nepal and Malawi to name but a few.

Norma said: “A washable bear, knitted from an old teddy pattern, was included in a charity box, bound for the Sudan. It proved a great hit and more were asked for. ‘The simple fact of being able to have something as comforting, cuddly and soft as a teddy bear always with you, something of your own to keep and cherish has been proven to hasten healing in young children.

‘‘One Sudanese doctor summed it up by saying teddies were ‘better than medicine’ for many.”

She added that now when tragedy strikes somewhere in the world, the first members of society to suffer are the children. ‘Teddies for Tragedies’ works to alleviate some of the stress that prevails when these catastrophes occur. The simple gift of a hand-knitted teddy bear sends these children the message that someone in the world cares about them.

Volunteers at Queensferry Parish Church have been involved making and donating “Teddies for Tragedies” since 1999, when the Guild took up the challenge. Up until October last year, more than 2500 teddies and 152 blankets have been donated from local church to the charity Blythswood Care in Glasgow for distribution to orphaned and refugee children across the world. While Norma has a number of local women who continue to knit teddies and blankets, she is keen to hear from others willing to help with her challenge to keep giving teddies to those less fortunate.

To find out more about “Teddies for Tragedies” you can contact Norma at