Let there be light in Queensferry

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CALLS are being made for street lighting across Queensferry to be comprehensively upgraded.

While areas of the town have had lights upgraded in recent years, there still remain problems on certain streets such as The Loan, Station Road and Hopetoun Road.

For months, these streets have either been without lights or they are switched on 24 hours a day. This has now led to Almond ward councillor Norman Work pushing for the city council to make the upgrading of street lighting in Queensferry a priority.

Councillor Work said: “The lights being off on The Loan are quite dangerous as motorists drive down Kirkliston Road in light and as they take the dip down The Loan they are plunged into darkness.”

Earlier this week, Reverend David Cameron, minister at Queensferry Parish Church added: “The lights on The Loan have been out since before Christmas. Many of our congregation are elderly and they have spoken about how dark it is outside the church. I am disappointed it has taken so long to get the problem sorted.”

The councilllor said that while the Scotstoun area had been extensively upgraded in recent years the work should have continued throughout the town until all lights were replaced.

He added: “What we are experiencing now is not singular light problems but whole streets which are being affected. I have spoken with city council officials and have been informed that the cost to upgrade the lighting across the whole city is around £5 million while it would cost £1 million to upgrade Queensferry alone. This shows there is a major problem in the Queensferry area.”

The councillor said that while the city council does not have that amount of money available in its 2012-2013 budget to upgrade street lighting, he claims the work is essential and should be made a priority.

A city council spokeswoman said: “We had been alerted to the fault on The Loan and had contacted Scottish Power to rectify the problem but it appears they did not act upon it. Council and Scottish Power officials visited the site on Wednesday and we hope the situation will be resolved as soon as possible.”