Lilias nominated for ‘real hero’ award

Lilias Snedden, STV Local Hero.''Image by: Malcolm McCurrach
Lilias Snedden, STV Local Hero.''Image by: Malcolm McCurrach
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A Bo’ness youth worker has spoken of her ‘utter shock’ at being nominated as a local hero for a television programme.

Lilias Snedden (48), who works at St Andrew’s Parish Church, said she was ‘humbled’ to be put forward for STV’s ‘’Finding Scotland’s Real Heroes’’ series. She was nominated by three people and will be considered in the Community Champion of the Year category. She was filmed for the programme at Bo’ness Academy on Friday.

‘’It came as an utter shock,’’ said Lilias. ‘’In fact, I felt like a bit of a fraud as the young people do the actual work. I can encourage them to learn news skills, like face painting, to raise funds for different purposes, but it’s the young people who actually do it.’’

Lilias is one of three nominees in her category and was one of several hundred to be nominated and then selected to make it through to the programme stage.

The five-part series starts in late September and each programme will concentrate on two categories. Voting will open at the time of the relevant broadcast and remain open until the next programme. Then those categories will close and next two will open up. The final winners will be recognised at a televised awards ceremony later this year.

‘’I feel really humbled,’’said Lilias. ‘‘ It’s the young people who matter and do the work by turning up. I can organise an event on a Friday night but if the young people didn’t turn up, it would be pretty boring!’’

Lilias, who is married with two of a family, lives in Bo’ness and has been a youth worker for seven years, although she has been involved in working with young people all her life.