Asbestos disposal fears ‘are baseless’

220513 Winchburgh, new development at auldcathie.

220513 Winchburgh, new development at auldcathie.

GRAVE concerns have been sparked in Winchburgh after asbestos removal fears have surfaced as new homes are built.

The Winchburgh development is one of the UK’s largest mixed use projects, with the first phase of 550 homes being built over five separate plots. The first has been secured by Barratt and Miller homes, currently building on site.

But Raymond McCabe, chair of Winchburgh Community Council, believes the developers have put locals at risk.

He said: “I was informed around Christmas by members of the community that asbestos was discovered where the house building is now taking place, and that it was moved from the field to a storage area adjacent to Auldcathie Landfill. The asbestos was transported by dump trucks, uncovered, across a busy main road where traffic was stopped to allow them to cross. Loads were driven up a public right of way to the storage point. This continued for weeks, if not months.”

Raymond wants an investigation into what has been happening, and for the site to be locked down.

But a spokesperson for Regenco Ltd, managers of the Winchburgh Development said the allegations had no foundation saying: “We have investigated these allegations in relation to the disposal of asbestos and there is absolutely no substance to them whatsoever. All operations on the Winchburgh Development are governed by strict processes and procedures all in line with all health and safety requirements.”

A Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) spokesperson said they were investigating.




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