Why tackle one when you can do all of them?!

Bryan Grome, LAC member and charity runner with daughter

Bryan Grome, LAC member and charity runner with daughter


A Linlithgow Athletic Club member wasn’t just satisfied with running the Edinburgh Marathon – he ran every single event!

Bryan Grome (35), a staff nurse at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, had initially entered the 10k event on the Saturday but then decided to also do the 5k run, before undertaking a leg of the Hairy Haggis Relay.

Bryan said: “It was an incredibly difficult challenge but there was also a lot of fun doing it, particularly since it was for charity.”

To make it even more difficult, he ran the 5k event with his 11-year old daughter Amy, a primary six student at Whitecross Primary school.

Bryan undertook the huge challenge on behalf of MacMillan Cancer Support and, as a result of his efforts, has now raised in excess of £400.

He has only been running for a year but is already thinking of his next charity running challenge.




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