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submitted pic
submitted pic
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THIS week’s photograph harks back to 1939 and the time of the Great Depression.

Submitted by Gordon Taylor of Bo’ness, the story behind ‘The Corner Boys’ photograph is that during the depression the out of work men would congregate in Corbiehall at the corner shop, which was run by Gordon’s grandparents Joe and Janet Taylor (nee Hannah). The men would look for work but that didn’t take all day so they would chat at the corner. Joe had an old dart board so they practised to kill time. The picture is that of the winning darts team. Shop owner Joe is seated behind the dart board but Gordon is not sure who the other men are. The Journal and Gazette is always keen to receive old pictures for possible reproduction on this page. If you have something that you think might be of interest to our readers: hand it in to our office at 114 High Street, Linlithgow, or email it to or hand it to the Bo’ness reporter in Bo’ness library between 2-3pm on Fridays and Mondays.