VIDEO - Linlithgow trader slams West Lothian Council over waste charges

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A trader has accused West Lothian Council of abandoning Linlithgow’s High Street retailers in favour of making a “quick buck”.

Steven Wilson, owner of Taste Deli and Cafe, has been told he will have to pay a 110 per cent increase on his trade waste charges from next month, meaning his bill will jump to nearly £2000.

Mr Wilson claims that more and more traders are 
refusing to pay the increaased charges and are turning to 
the private sector to save money.

He said: “There will come a time, in the very near future, when there will be so few traders prepared to bow to the council’s demands and pay through the nose for waste collections that it will be forced to up the costs continually until it is no longer financially viable to provide a waste service at all.

“When that happens, if the council thought it was in a financial hole now, it’s going to find itself in a much worse position when the traders vote with their feet and turn their waste collections over to the private sector instead.”




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