Villagers hit out over housing plan

091111 Kirkliston housing sites pic.
091111 Kirkliston housing sites pic.
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COMMUNITY leaders in Kirkliston are up in arms over latest moves to increase even more housing in the village.

The city council was set to rubberstamp a planning condition this week which will see the limit of residential units raised from 610 to 680 on land to the north of the village.

The proposals are for an area of land that was initially set aside for the creation of a new primary school.

The developers, the Kirkliston Consortium, proposed to build a new school to cope with the influx in the population but villagers opposed this and instead saw an extension built at the existing school.

In the North Kirkliston Development Brief it states that if a new primary was not required then alternative uses should include open space and community facilities. But the council planners proposed a departure from the develoment plan.

Steve Lee, chairman of Kirkliston Community Council said: “The new move has left villagers angry. The local community has come up with various suggestions as to how the land could be utilised, ie, a new nursery; a parkland area; a community garden; allotments or even a care home, but all these have been ignored.”

But a council report this week said more housing was justified in this area: “Whilst some of the uses cited by the local community may be compatible within a residential area, the Consortium has stated that given the surrounding plots are to be developed for housing, housing would be the most appropriate use and may generate a boost to existing community facilities, particularly given that some existing community facilities, most notably the leisure centre, are under threat of closure.”

But Mr Lee added: “I have yet to meet one single local person who actually wants any of this development to occur. It would appear that the 610 already approved houses is somewhat insufficient for the developers, despite the fact that most for the houses already built have not been sold.

“The entire development is far too large for the size of Kirkliston. The project will almost double the size of the village overnight and the extra housing is simply the final straw.”