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Bill Stevenson visits 2nd Linlithgow Boys Brigade

Bill Stevenson visits 2nd Linlithgow Boys Brigade

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Recently, a Linlithgow Boys’ Brigade company had a visit from a senior member of the organisation when Bill Stevenson visited 2nd Linlithgow Boys’ Brigade.

Bill is chief executive, which means he oversees the work of Boys’ Brigade throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Boys’ Brigade company leader, Jamie McIntosh, said: “It was great that Bill took time out of his busy schedule to visit 2nd Linlithgow Boys’ Brigade.

‘‘He spent time seeing the range of 
activities that the boys do and chatted to boys and leaders.”

To see photographs of Bill’s visit and find out more about the 2nd Linlithgow Boys’ Brigade visit: http://www.facebook.com/linlithgowbb