West Lothian villages hit by water leaks

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ENGINEERS from Scottish Water were forced to work round the clock after a large water main near Westfield burst at the end of last week.

The 40 inch main burst last Thursday and caused loss of supply, low water pressure or discoloured water to almost 50 properties around Torphichen.

Efforts to restore normal supplies and repair the burst included tankering water into the system and redirecting the water network, and putting back feeds in place to keep as many customers as possible in supply.

Bill Elliot, regional community manager for West Lothian, said: “Scottish Water would like to thank affected customers for their patience and understanding, while repair work was carried out and supplies restored to normal. Every effort was made to minimise the impact on the community. This is a large strategic main which supplies a large area, and our extensive efforts helped to significantly reduce the potential impact. It will be necessary to investigate the cause of this burst further. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Scottish Water also provided bottled water at the community centre in Torphichen and delivered supplies directly to the additional needs customers on their register.

Most customers had their supply restored last Friday, with eight tankers running on a continual loop, to pump supplies directly into the water main serving the village. A temporary bypass pipe was installed on Saturday, in order to by-pass the burst section of pipe and enable tankering to stop.