Woolies reopens for a Christmas good cause

WOOLIES in Bo'ness is re-opening this Christmas – but it'll be carol singing rather than tills a-ringing, in this festive church venture with a twist.

Open mike sessions, pre-school story telling and present making will replace the chart CD aisle and sweetie selections of old, in a limited one week-only offer.

From December 17-23 St Andrew's Church is taking over the empty North Street store, that closed last December, for a free community Christmas experience.

Reverend Albert Bogle said: "It's an opportunity to come into Woolworths and engage with Christmas in a more spiritual way and to leave outside some of the bustle of Christmas.

"This Saturday (December 12) we'll be having a table top sale in Woolworths (10am to 2pm) to raise money to heat and light the place and make it all happen.

"We don't want to charge people when they come in there, and for them to think there are some bits of Christmas you can still get for nothing."

From painting to seasonal church-made movies, evening prayers to a labyrinth reflecting on life's journeys, it's hoped there'll be something for all ages.

If you can spare a few hours to supervise activities or would like to make a donation, then contact Lilias or Rae at St Andrew's Church office on 01506 825 803.

They'd love to hear from brass musicians who could tune up for a few carols, and anyone with extra craft materials.

Meanwhile keep your eyes peeled on the St Andrew's website – www. standonline.org.uk – or in the store windows for details about activities and opening times.

This week Graeme Brown, of Woolworths letting agents Sutherland Brown, told the Journal and Gazette the possibility of subdividing the store, right, into smaller units was being examined.

Talks are on-going with two or three locally interested parties, he said.