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Thank you for Remembrance Day

On behalf of Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council, can I thank our elected MSP, the Provost of West Lothian, the area Poppy Scotland co-ordinator, elected members, community council colleagues, all local organisations and their representatives,serving and retired Officers and NCOs in the Armed Forces and the uniformed/youth groups across the Burgh who all took part in this year’s Remembrance Day parade held on Sunday.

The community spirit and interest to honour and remember the fallen resulted in over 325 people joining the parade prior to the annual Service of Remembrance in St Michael’s Kirk, where other members of the community joined the congregation as the wreaths were laid at the official War Memorial.

The community council also wish to thank the stewards from the Deacons Court, the Reed Band, Police Scotland, West Lothian Council staff and employees, Historic Scotland, the Kirk ministers and clerks to session of both St Ninians and St Michael’s, Rosina Johnston and her helpers at the Longcroft Hall and all members of the general public and businesses in the town who helped and continue to help the respective military charities.

It is anticipated that a public meeting will be called early in the new year, to plan for next year’s parade to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War. –Yours etc.,

Nicholas B. L. Davis

Parade Marshall


MBE thanks

Sir, – May I thank, via the Journal and Gazette, the unknown member of the public who luckily for me, found my late mother’s military MBE medal that had been dropped during the march on Sunday.

They kindly gave it to a steward from the Deacons Court, who quickly recognised that it belonged to me. – Yours etc.,

Mr Davis


by email

Not safe

Sir, –Re your article on ‘‘Your Say’’ page dated November 8, 2013, regarding feeling safe on the streets of Bo’ness, I felt I had to write about our experience driving through Bo’ness on Wednesday, October 30, around 9.30pm.

Whilst driving past Richmond Park Hotel some young ned in a hooded jacket threw stones or other objects at our car causing severe damage to the back door.

Dents and damage can be repaired but what if the object thrown went through the windscreen or side window causing an accident?
We, as visitors. certainly don’t feel safe on the streets of your town. Needless to say, we won’t be back in a hurry. –yours etc.,

Two disgruntled elderly visitors to Bo’ness