Linlithgow children’s author off to the moon with new book

Linlithgow children’s author Patricia Stewart recently released her second book ‘Let’s Go to the Moon’, her first published by Olympia.

Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 6:42 am
Linlithgow childrens author Patricia Stewart, pictured with her two books including Lets Go to the Moon .

In the book, Robbie, a little brown rabbit, and Scott, a squirrel, are best friends. Robbie would love to go to the moon but his mummy has said no. He asks his friend Scott who thinks that is a great idea. But will they make it to the moon in this adventure?

Patricia added: “It’s about two little animals, a squirrel and a rabbit. They lived next door to each other and want to go to the moon. Their mums don’t let them but they decided to go anyway.

“They get all the equipment they need to launch themselves off a hill they live next to.

“Unfortunately they forget that at the bottom of the hill there is a pond.

“They land in the pond and see that they have actually landed on the moon, as the reflection is in the pond.

“So its a nice wee sweet story for the under fives.”

Patricia revealed how much she enjoys the writing process. She said: “It only came out on November 28, for sale on Amazon. It takes a very long time to get books onto bookshelves in book stores. So it’s just a case now of telling people it’s available online.

“It was great fun to write. Once I wrote it and handed it over to the publishers they said they would change it slightly to suit their house style but it hasn’t been changed at all.

“The in-house illustrator has done a great job. It was the same on my other book. The illustrations, which I have never done, bring my books to life.”

Patricia lives in Linlithgow with her husband. She has two grown up children. Patricia retired from work as a medical secretary in 2015 after 35 years in the role, and started out on her new venture writing children’s books. She lives near open countryside and gets her inspiration from the local wildlife.

Despite now having had two children’s books published, Patricia still sees it as a hobby during her retirement.

She said: “It was a privilege to get a story published.

“It’s not going to be my livelihood. It was just one of those things I enjoyed doing.

“I had written small children’s stories before but nothing came of it.

“Then when I retired in 2015 I rejuvenated some of the stories I had done, but nothing happened at first. So it’s great I now have two books.”

In 2017 Patricia released her first children’s book, ‘When the Seagull Came to Stay’.