Tour de France becomes fun-packed Tour de Ned

Following the success of the first two tours of Bikeology, journalist, television presenter and best-selling author Ned Boulting is back in 2018 with the all-new show, Tour de Ned.

Thursday, 18th October 2018, 1:29 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th October 2018, 1:37 pm
Television presenter Ned Boulting provides his unique take on the Tour de France with his new show Tour de Ned.
Television presenter Ned Boulting provides his unique take on the Tour de France with his new show Tour de Ned.

Cycling fans are invited to relive the 2018 Tour de France in an evening of theatrical messing around, occasional music, massive historical digressions, some searing rants and all-round lycra-clad obsession as Tour de Ned visits the Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh on Sunday, October 21.

After two years touring the country with his Bikeology show, which sold over 20,000 tickets – including at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – ITV’s cycling commentator Ned Boulting returns with an all-new production, built with wobbly precision on the edifice of the greatest bike race on earth.

From the cobbles of Roubaix, over Alpe d’Huez towards the grand finale in Paris, Tour de Ned will recreate the gut-wrenching, edge of the seat drama of the race on stage.

Boulting will relive memories of the best moments from the summer seen from the sometimes wonky perspective of the man who is paid to watch the telly and shout out names as riders climb, crash, stop for a poo and attack each other.

Stage by stage, rest day by rest day, the Tour de France will be re-animated before your very eyes, drug busts and all.

Tour de Ned will also lift the curtain, with exclusive video of footage of life on the road with the much-loved ITV Tour de France team, inviting you inside David Millar’s Maserati, alongside Gary Imlach’s polo shirts as he steams them, and joining Chris Boardman as he settles down for his mid-afternoon nap.

Accompanying the commentary team from motorway service station to the top of the Pyrenees, via two star hotels in industrial estates, Tour de Ned will bring to life the thousands of kilometres travelled as they unfold alongside the grandest of Grand Tours.

So, prepare for an autumn evening of summer heat as the Tour de France becomes the Tour de Ned.

Speaking of the Tour de Ned, Boulting said: “Tour de Ned is the living proof, based on the fact people keep showing up, that you can create a theatrical show relating to cycling.

“Whether you’re cycling mad, like cycling a bit, or accidentally booked the wrong tickets thinking I was somebody else, you’re in for an experience worthy of the world’s most bonkers sporting event.

“I’m thrilled to be back a year later, under the spotlight – like a Tour de France rider under suspicion – but with more body mass, mainly from three weeks of eating mostly bread and cheese.”

For more information about Tour de Ned, dates and tickets, visit Ned Boulting’s website