Bidding for a vote

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Business owners in South Queensferry will be going back to the ballot boxes in coming weeks.

The General Election may be yesterday’s news but Queensferry Ambition is looking for votes.

This week it launched a five-year business plan to run from this July until 2022.

The group is now looking for eligible businesses in the proposed BID (Business Improvement District) to take part in the ballot which runs until July 20.

Apart from a lobbying role, Queensferry Ambition hopes to get the mandate to promote the town as a more accessible and attractive centre, and encourage investment in the area.

Chairman David Cameron said: “This is a crucial time for Queensferry which is on the cusp of something truly remarkable with the range of initiatives that Queensferry Ambition is proposing.

“During the past five years, Queensferry Ambition has contributed to the town’s journey, enabling it to continue to thrive, grow and prosper as a destination for businesses, residents and visitors.

“With the new ballot comes new hope for the next five years and an opportunity for businesses to make a genuine difference by voting yes.”

He added the continued support would enable the area to thrive for retail, hospitality and tourism.

Meetings have been arranged where business people can attend to find out more about what the BID can do for the town.