Dynamic drive will bring solar power to Linlithgow

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A milestone has been reached in an unprecedented drive to harness the power of both social enterprise and the sun in Linlithgow.

A dynamic and civic-minded joint effort from Linlithgow Rugby Club, Linlithgow Community Development Trust and stakeholders within the community has finally paid off.

For the solar panels they fundraised so tirelessly for will be installed on the rugby club training facility roof on Wednesday (April 23).

The trust’s Neil Barnes explained: “AES Solar, a highly experienced renewables company established in 1979, will be fitting the system.

“We have done a community deal never seen before in the history of our wonderful town.

“And we hope it will benefit our community for years and maybe even generations to come.

“Indeed, we have now formed a Young Energy Enterprise Group involving budding undergraduates and graduates from the University of Edinburgh and Scotland’s Rural College.

“They will undoubtedly take our project from strength to strength.

“We also recently enjoyed some funding from Local Energy Scotland’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme to survey and pre-register another 13 local sites/roofs for the renewable energy Feed-in-Tariff incentive before it sadly disappears.

“ So even before we finally get underway with our pilot project at the rugby club, our Phase Two ambitions are already taking hold.”