Edinburgh West MP calls for green agenda to boost the aviation industry after Covid

Christine Jardine, MP for Edinburgh West, is calling for the UK Government to pursue a green agenda as it debates the future of the aviation industry and the connectivity of the Union.

Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 12:25 pm
Edinburgh Airport is much quieter these days. Photo by Lisa Ferguson.

This comes after the Chancellor announced in the 2021 Budget that there would be a consultation on “reform of air passenger duty” and the aviation sector which is seen as critical to our economic growth, faces the most serious crisis in its history.

Edinburgh Airport, which sits in Lib Dem MP Ms Jardine’s constituency, supports more than 7,000 jobs, and has seen its passenger numbers drop to their lowest level since 1995, with only 3.5 million passengers last year.

Ms Jardine said: “Edinburgh Airport is not just one of the major employers in my constituency, it is a linchpin of Edinburgh and Scotland’s economy and if our tourist, hospitality and other sectors are to recover they need a vibrant air link to support that.

“But we also need to recognise that we have to find a way to make air travel more environmentally friendly, which is why the Liberal Democrats what to see air passenger duty reformed to penalise those who make more frequent or unnecessary flights.

“The Government is currently reviewing the UK’s internal connectivity through its transport links and proposals to support the air industry must have those green principles at its heart.

“That is why I want Parliament to look at this issue urgently to ensure that both the industry and the climate have the measures they need for the future.”