Margaret Mitchell bids farewell to Queensferry Ambition

Queensferry Ambition project manager, Maggie Mitchell
Queensferry Ambition project manager, Maggie Mitchell

The manager for Queensferry Ambition will step down from her position after just over a year in the job.

Margaret Mitchell, right, who was appointed to the role in August 2015, succeeding Diane Brown, will move on to another position in December, according to the board.

Mrs Mitchell was previously chief executive of another Business Improvement District project, Dunfermline Delivers.

A spokesman for Queensferry Ambition said: “Maggie Mitchell, our current project manager, has recently found a new job closer to her home.

“We wish her every success in the future – and thank her for her hard work for Queensferry Ambition. She leaves us at the start of December.

“We’ve already appointed an interim replacement to keep projects moving forward. He has been meeting with Maggie and partners and will fully take over in December.”

However, an online public forum of discussion on the Facebook page Ask the Ferry Folk suggests a number of traders are unhappy with the way the Queensferry BID is being run.

On the Facebook page, Bridges Pool Hall, commented: “Nothing has been done at the top shops – all the focus from Queensferry Ambition has been on the cruise ships and the high street.”

Carrie Sebastian, managing director of Terrace, Health and Beauty salon, said: “I voted ‘no’ first time and plan to do so again. I can understand how it would help and support businesses on the high street that are working together to bring people to the area but for businesses like ours that really aim at the locals I don’t feel it has done anything to support or help.”

A Queensferry Ambition spokesperson said it was part of a team last week awarded two Scottish Awards for Quality of Planning in promoting the Forth Bridge and is hoping to secure lottery funding for the world heritage site.