Thousands walk across Queensferry Crossing

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Thousands of pedestrians have walked across the Queensferry Crossing for the first time on a beautiful day in South Queensferry,

The new £1.35 billion bridge was closed to vehicles this weekend to allow 50,000 visitors the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to walk the 1.7 mile long structure.

The first group of bridge walkers arrived at 9.30am on Saturday with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Transport Minister Humza Yousaf amongst the crowds posing for selfies.

“This is your time to be part of Scotland’s history, enjoy every step,” the speakers at the site announced.

Christine Vicenti walked over the bridge to pay tribute to her great grandmother Christina Sandercombe who lived in South Queensferry.

She said: “She unofficially was the first woman to walk across the original Forth Bridge. when it was built in 1882. She had a bridge pass to give the workers’ their lunch. I am here in her memory. It is amazing.”

The first pedestrian over to walk the new bridge was Morgan Lewis Wilson (16), from Thornton, Fife who was there with his dad James and grandad Hamish.

Riverkids, the West Lothian Charity, were there raising money for the toy appeal and were closing in on their £1000 target.

Wendy Simpson, from the charity said, “We are on £930 so we are nearly there. We are raising money so that children in poverty can have a toy at Christmas. The bridge walk was really impressive and the weather was superb.”

Theresa McGuire, from Riverkids, said: “I’m scared of heights but it was not as scary as I thought it would be. I was quite nervous but was fine once I got there, you don’t really realise you are on it but it was a great experience.”

Thousands more visitors will cross the bridge on Sunday before HM The Queen offically opens bridge on Monday and there is a further community day on Tuesday as 10,000 local pupils and groups get their chance to walk the bridge.

The Crossing will then close to pedestrians and reopen to vehicles on September 7.