‘Tree house’ at Blackness gets Falkirk council approval

Construction can begin say councillors. Archive image.
Construction can begin say councillors. Archive image.

Councillors have approved construction of a house next to a tree surgery and timber processing business near Blackness, despite being advised to reject it.

Officers at the local authority said the applicants, who will develop at the Wood Yard, Cauldcoats Holdings, had not demonstrated an operational need for a house in association with the family business.
They also said it would out not complement the surrounding countryside.

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Councillor John McLuckie said: “You could not build a house like this in the middle of a housing scheme. I cannot see any issue with it at all.

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“I would like to grant this application. There is a road nearby which needs considerable work done but we can ensure that is included in the conditions.”

Councillor David Alexander said: “I am inclined to second this motion. It is not often I go against the recommendation of the officers. Wanting a house next to your business is understandable. I think it is reasonable what is being proposed.”

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The home will also have a garage with adjoining agricultural land. Vehicles will be able to access the business and house on the existing roads.

Catherine Hunter

BBC Local Democracy Reporting Service