West Lothian and Falkirk workplaces busier now than during first national lockdown

Workplaces in the West Lothian and Falkirk Council areas have been busier during the current lockdown than last spring, figures suggest.

Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 6:00 am
File photo of office workers at their desks. PA Wire

Google uses location data from phones and other personal devices to track trends in people's movement in different areas of their daily lives, including for work.

It shows average activity in workplaces in West Lothian over six weeks between January 5 and February 15 was 44 per cent lower in West Lothian and 45 per cent lower in the Falkirk Council area than during a five-week baseline period before the pandemic.

But this was a rise on the average of 62 per cent below normal between March 24 and May 4 for West Lothian and 61 per cent below in Falkirk, when the UK began its first national lockdown.