Winchburgh theft ordeal of Pacemaker pensioner from Kirkliston

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A reader has been in touch to showcase what is the best and worst of human nature following an incident at a supermarket.

Kirstine Redmond decided to contact The Gazette after details emerged of an ordeal involving her 87-year-old father from Kirkliston who dropped his wallet in a disabled parking bay at Sainsbury’s in Winchburgh last Tuesday around 9.30am.

The item was found by another car park user who failed to do the decent thing and hand the item in - pocketing £80 in the process.

This caused a great deal of distress to the elderly man who uses a pacemaker -but all was not lost.

For some eagle-eyed good samaritans handed other contents from the wallet into police.

Kristine said: “Whoever took the wallet as makes my blood boil as they would have known that it belonged to a pensioner as it had ID and a pacemaker card inside.

“However, I wanted thank the very kind cyclist and a couple who found cards and medical information which appeared to have been thrown from a car .

“They were kind enough to go some distance to hand them back.This has helped my dad as he was very worried about everything.”