Ryobi R18IW3-0 ONE+ Impact Wrench review

Ryobi R18IW3-0 ONE+ Impact Wrench review
Ryobi R18IW3-0 ONE+ Impact Wrench review

Price: £114.99 SSP (body only)

What is it?

A battery-powered cordless impact driver for home mechanics and other DIYers.

The R18IW3-0 has an 18V motor, three speed settings, Tri-Beam LED lights at the head, and an impact mechanism that aims to reduce the vibration felt through the unit.

Ryobi’s business model is to sell you a single battery and charger that can then be used across multiple tools, making the tools cheaper than those that come with a new battery every time.

That means the £82 price is just for the tool, with the battery (priced from around) and charger costing extra – between £40 and £75 for the battery depending on capacity and around £50 for the charger.

What’s it like?

An ideal companion for the occasional garage tinkerer and more serious motoring hobbyist.

The tool feels solid and built to last and is comfortable to use thanks to a good rubber grip. It’s also fairly compact, meaning you’ll be able to reach even tricky bolts etc.

There’s a simple mechanism for switching between the multiple speeds. This makes it easy to select the right setting for a job, meaning you won’t accidentally strip boltheads or over tighten anything, and in its highest setting the 400Nm of torque can cope with some serious tasks.

The three bright LED lights around the drive bit are a real help when working on dark and hard-to-see parts of a car and the ½-inch drive and included 1/4-inch hex adaptor means it’ll take all the most common sockets and bits used in the workshop.

As with other One+ products, the initial price if you are buying the tool, battery and charger together seems pretty steep but if you have other Ryobi tools or plan to get them, it is a decent choice.

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