Christmas News
This Army aims to ensure we     all have a merrier Christmas

This Army aims to ensure we all have a merrier Christmas

As families in Bo’ness look forward to winding down for the Christmas holiday period, the Salvation Army is in the throes of mobilising its officers and volunteers to help hundreds of vulnerable and isolated people.

Christmas shopping first in Linlithgow

Christmas shopping first in Linlithgow

For the first time Linlithgow is holding a week of late night shopping events in the lead up to Christmas.



A defence of the Brussels sprout - written by a scientist

by Trevor George, King's College LondonBrussels sprouts, like their European namesake, divide opinion. Some people embrace the flavour

5 ways to cut down your food waste this Christmas

by Elliot Woolley, Loughborough UniversityThe average family throws away about £700 worth of food each year. This is not just a drain

This is the 10 day festive weather forecast - and when snow could hit

Many people may have been dreaming of a 'white Christmas', but what are the experts saying?Some will be disappointed to hear that we may be

15 weird and wonderful Christmas food and drink facts

Fancy a festive family bucket this Christmas?In Japan, eating Kentucky Fried Chicken has become something of a Yule tide tradition for