£1.25m boost for Linlithgow Academy and Torphichen Primary

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Nearly half a million pounds will be spent on modernising science classrooms at Linlithgow Academy.

A further £750,000 has been earmarked for an extension to Torphichen Primary School.

West Lothian Council has announced it will be spending nearly £50 million in local services this year through its capital programme, which was approved last week.

The project at the Academy will include new workstations, service points, furniture and modern layouts which will give a split between practical and experimental areas and teaching areas.

Headteacher Karen Jarvis said: “The benefit is obvious – by providing the pupils with a more modern and better environment to learn in.

“Linlithgow Academy has a strong reputation for science and these works will continue support this going forward.”

The programme of spending provides funding for projects and improvement programmes for schools and other council properties, open space upgrades, IT assets, road improvements and investment in town centres.

There was a further boost for education, with Torphichen receiving £750,000 as part of the £1 million project to expand the school. The rest of the project will be funded over the coming years.

The work consists of two new classroom extensions, a new integrated kitchen, dining area and new pupil toilets.

The project was put in place to help the school manage the expected rise in pupil numbers and support Curriculum for Excellence.

Executive councillor for education Lawrence Fitzpatrick said: “With school rolls set to grow in the village, it’s vital we invest now to ensure the school facilities are up to a high standard.”

Torphichen head Rita Angus said: “The whole Torphichen Primary School community is delighted.”