Bo’ness Academy books local bookshop link-up to surprise pupils

The Bo’ness Academy Languages Faculty have been delivering brand new reading books directly to their students’ doorsteps to reward their engagement with online English lessons.

Wednesday, 27th May 2020, 6:38 am
Bo'ness Academy student Drew Lapsley (S1) with his book.

English teacher, Jacqui McIntyre, said: “Gifting books is a memory that I will never forget! The look of surprise on the faces of parents and pupils when they saw me standing two metres away having placed a brand new book on their doorstep, is a very positive memory taken from these unprecedented times.”

With the country in lockdown, the English department thought that the gift of a book would be a highly appropriate reward which would contribute to learning while also providing a break from routine.

The books were sourced from Inkspot & Silverleaf in Bo’ness which, like many other businesses, had to close-up shop due to the lockdown. The owner, Karen, has supported the school in the past and Ms McIntyre was more than happy to repay the favour by supporting her shop and purchasing the first batch of books directly from her.

Bo'ness Academy staff members from left to right are Sam Phillips (Modern Languages), Jordan Allan and Jacqui McIntyre (both English department).

Headteacher Catriona Reid liked the idea so much that she then approved a budget allowing the Languages Faculty to purchase the next batch of books which could be lent to children who were keen to keep reading during lockdown.

Mrs Reid said: “This is yet another fantastic example of Bo’ness Academy staff going above and beyond for their pupils during these difficult times. I am currently looking at ways to continue to support this great initiative over the coming weeks. These small acts of kindness really are bringing a smile to the faces of both pupils and staff.”

All recipients also got a personalised message from their class teachers congratulating them for their ongoing engagement with ‘virtual lessons’ and wishing them and their families well.

Those who have not received a book may well be receiving a surprise in the future.