Linlithgow Academy pupils in Extinction Rebellion climate protest

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The climate protests, which have seen countless people take to the streets across the globe, have taken on their own momentum in Linlithgow.

And that stems from the determination of young people in Linlithgow Academy to get involved with a worldwide school strike involving more than 110 nations today (Friday).

This will take the form of a demonstration on the premises at the morning interval -after an entire week was devoted to highlighting the importance of the environment and their new term for climate change -climate emergency.

It has been organised by the young people themselves assisted by some teaching staff.

And their shared goal is to channel the spirit of the so-called Extinction Rebellion – through talks, special screenings and craft activities.

Teacher Claire Wright said: “This has been very student led. It is designed to provoke and increase interest in this topic.

“The idea is to capture the interest from the Extinction Rebellion protests, speeches by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg and the corresponding school strikes. We hope to encourage pupils within the school to share their views, opinions and activism around this very important issue.”

The Burgh youngsters have been applauded by Greenpeace UK climate campaigner Rosie Rogers, who said: “Young people are doing great work at the moment to get across the message that we’re facing a climate emergency.

“We are inspired by what they’re doing, and urge politicians to take note because these passionate young people are the voters of the future.”

Meanwhile, homegrown environmental group Transition Linlithgow’s chairperson Sue Friel is also impressed.

She said: “We are absolutely delighted to see this initiative at Linlithgow Academy, which has our full support.

“Young people are going to be the most affected by the developing climate crisis and this is an exciting way for them to take direct action themselves and to publicise the issue, encouraging others to act too.

“Transition Linlithgow hopes to develop a closer relationship with the academy, adding to the relationships built with the primary schools during our recent Pass It On Week activities.

“We would love to offer any help they need from us, and wish them every success with these activities.”