MP calls for immigration reform

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine
Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine has called on the UK Government to go further in response to proposals from the Home Office to allow international students to stay in the UK for two years after graduation rather than the current four months.

Ms Jardine, who is also the Lib Dems shadow Home Secretary said: “This is a nice gesture from the Home Office, but it goes nowhere near far enough in healing the wounds inflicted by their so-called hostile environment first imposed under Theresa May, and it won’t come close to making up for the damage of ending free movement if we leave the EU.

“Instead of shutting down democracy by suspending Parliament for five weeks, Priti Patel and her Government should be coming forward with an Immigration Bill to show how she intends to repair the damage that will be caused to our communities by Brexit.

“Boris Johnson said in 2016 that our immigration system should be decided democratically. It’s time he let MPs debate and vote on a fair immigration system which meets the needs of our society while treating people like human beings. Britain deserves better.”