Teenagers tune up for the homeless

Guitar Refurbishment Workshop
Guitar Refurbishment Workshop

A guitar recycling project has got youngsters in Linlithgow strumming from the same songsheet.

Linlithgow Young People’s Project (LYPP) received a number of old and damaged guitars from an Edinburgh music shop and was tasked with bringing them back to life for charity.

Aiden Higgs (18), from Linlithgow, was offered three weeks of work experience at Guitar Guitar in Edinburgh, who refurbish old guitars for reselling.

Over his time there, Aiden learned how to restring and repair the instruments, with new varnishes, cleaning them up, and making them nearly as good as new.

Pam Mellstrom, LYPP project leader, said: “Guitar Guitar contacted us and 
offered us work experience for Aiden. We then came up with a project locally, where young people could learn these new skills.

“Aiden had learned how to strip the guitars down, what was good for them, and how to restore them. He was able to pass on these skills, and has been teaching the boys involved in the project.”

The music shop gave LYPP six guitars for the youngsters to work on and it was a challenge they took on which will also count towards a Youth Acheivement Award from Youth Scotland.

Pam added: “When we got the guitars they stank and were covered in tar because their previous owner was a heavy smoker.

“ They were really damaged but the boys ended up getting really attached to them

‘‘We named the guitars and the boys worked on them for weeks. By the time they were done, they looked great. It’s been a great learning process.”

The LYPP project is now complete and the team are considering donating the new-look guitars to a charity shop in Fife who will resell them and donate the profits to a homeless charity.