Caring role leads to Amazon deal

Friends May Macleod and Cara McDonald
Friends May Macleod and Cara McDonald

A Linlithgow woman who lives with muscular dystrophy has inspired her friend and carer to write four books which have just been published on Amazon.

Cara McDonald, 27, lives in Linlithgow with her parents who are her main carers and support her with everyday needs.

May Macleod met Cara when she applied for a support role as a carer. They have now been friends for two years.

May supports Cara who has muscular dystrophy. Cara is a very independent young lady gaining a Masters degree in Public Health and a BSc (Hons) in Medical Biology, despite being dependent on a life support ventilator and a wheelchair to get around.

Cara was diagnosed at age six, has used a walking frame and wheelchair from the age of seven and is now dependent on a ventilator along with a nasogastric tube to support feeding and medication.

The friendship between May and Cara, who have broadly similar educational backgrounds, prompted the writing of the four books with 10 per cent of the profits from the series being donated to Muscular Dystrophy UK.

May turned to lifelong friend, illustrator, Chris Tyler, who lives on the Isle of Skye, to do the artwork on all the books.

The series, titled ‘Primates Pests and Pollinators’, came to life after a conversation about the trials and tribulations of the world we live in.

From that May decided to write a book of poems including educational, environmental and endangered species issues that would help children be more aware in both a fun and factual way.

The poems took about 20 weeks to write and give readers a flavour of the animals habitats and way of life.

Cara’s day-to-day challenges are not insurmountable but need careful planning in advance, due to the level of support required.

May said: “Cara inspires me because regardless of her disability I have never heard her complain about issues beyond her control. She has a positive outlook on life even although she suffers chronic pain and the knowledge that her condition is degenerative. She is selfless, compassionate and generous to a fault.”

Muscular Dystrophy UK, Emma Watkins said:“We are full of admiration for May’s wonderful imagination and ability in having put these books together. We are also very grateful to her donating 10% of the profits to put towards funding for the research needed to find cures for muscular dystrophy conditions.”