NHS Lothian delivers more than 700,000 vaccines

NHS Lothian has delivered more than 700,000 doses of lifesaving Covid-19 vaccine, according to new figures.

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 5:14 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 5:18 pm
08-12-2020. Picture Michael Gillen.

Dedicated vaccination teams have given 717,140 doses to people from all walks of life – with a total of 254,383 having completed the course.

The programme, which is the largest of its kind ever to be undertaken, continues to go from strength to strength as Lothian enters the busiest stage of the programme so far with more than 87,000 people expected to attend appointments this week.

Pat Wynne, Nurse Director of Primary and Community Care, NHS Lothian, said robust plans are in place to ensure everyone can receive the lifesaving vaccine as quickly as supplies allow. He also said that vulnerable people would be prioritised.

He also warned that in some cases, queues may build at vaccination centres in Lothian for the first time and reassured patients that teams were working hard to prevent them or resolve them quickly. Mr Wynne added: “Patients may have to queue sometimes and we apologise if they have to wait too long. We know that was the case at Lowland Hall today and we are sorry for the delay.

“We understand the frustration and inconvenience that delays cause and we would reassure patients we are working hard behind the scenes to reduce numbers as soon as they begin build, and in many cases prevent queues from forming at all.

“As the numbers of appointments increase from around 5,000 a day to 18,000, we can draw on our bank of vaccinators and redeploy teams to different venues to meet the demand.

“Very often, queues will ease as quickly as they form and patients are urged to continue to turn up on time, with their appointment letter. They will always receive their vital vaccination.”