Flies plague homes

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Environmental chiefs are still trying to determine the source of a fly infestation that has been plaguing Bo’ness and Linlithgow.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and Falkirk Council have been swamped with complaints about large-scale swarms of flies in recent weeks, while West Lothian Council has issued advice on how to deter a potential invasion.

Carol Paterson from Bo’ness said she thought there was a dead body nearby as there were so many flies, while Debbie Campbell said Linlithgow is “hoaching” with them.

Audrey McLean said: “This week I have bought a fly killer light at £40 an exterminator bat, fly spray cans by the dozen, sticky fly tapes, a screen for our door and a newspaper and I’m still chasing them around.”

SEPA say the source of the problem was not from any SEPA regulated site and the recent warm weather could be to blame.

A spokesperson said: “SEPA officers will continue to inspect all of the sites authorised by SEPA throughout the year and will take action should any show indications of potential fly problems. Any significant concerns regarding SEPA authorised sites can be reported directly via the Pollution Hotline on 0800 80 70 60.”

A Falkirk Council spokesperson said: “There is no obvious source, and the increase in fly numbers is most likely due to environmental conditions, primarily increased temperatures. In most cases these natural increases in fly numbers are short lived.”

A West Lothian Council environmental spokesperson said: “There are quite a lot of flies around at the moment, mainly house flies. General advice for control is to keep food covered, keep kitchens clean, and also keep drains clean and clear of food debris.”