Watchdogs give verdict on Edinburgh hospital which cares for youngsters from West Lothian and South Queensferry

The Royal Hospital for Sick Children.
The Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

The Royal Hospital For Sick Children, which is providing inpatient care for sick children during the closure of the paediatric ward at St John’s in Livingston, is the subject of a newly published report by inspectors today (Wednesday).

Healthcare Improvement Scotland has expanded on its unannounced ward and theatre inspection visit to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

This took place from the 18th to the 20th of September, with an additional unannounced follow-up inspection taking place on the 9th of October, 2018.

The inspection team examined NHS Lothian’s self-assessment information and then visited the hospital to meet patients and staff, to inspect the wards and the theatre departments, to assess cleanliness and to check that the hospital meets national standards.

Speaking of the report, Ian Smith, Head of Quality of Care, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, said: “Inspectors found that the majority of staff they spoke with were aware of infection prevention control advice and procedures, and that they had good support and input from the infection prevention and control team.

“However, to improve care NHS Lothian must ensure all areas in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, including the theatre environment, storage areas and equipment are clean and dust free. NHS Lothian must also ensure any damaged equipment is in a good state of repair, or replaced where necessary.”

The paediatric ward at St John’s has been shut since July 2017 after bosses from NHS Lothian said they could not staff the premises safely on a 24/7 basis due to staff shortages.