Repairs being carried out at Bo'ness bandstand

Work is underway to make the historic cast iron bandstand in Glebe Park, Bo’ness, stable and safe – with the hope that it can be fully restored before too long.

Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 11:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 6:22 pm
It is hoped the works in Glebe Park will prevent the bandstand from deteriorating any further
It is hoped the works in Glebe Park will prevent the bandstand from deteriorating any further

Falkirk Council commissioned the work, at a cost of £35,000, to keep the bandstand from decaying any further while it awaits extensive repairs.

In July 2019, Bo’ness Community Councillor Madelene Hunt was shocked to discover that the bandstand was in such poor repair that sections of cast iron moulding had fallen off the roof as the wooden support had rotted away.

She said: “This was due to lack of maintenance on the part of Falkirk Council – it was very lucky that no-one was underneath it when it fell.

“We pressed for it to be fenced off and made safe and for full repairs to be done.”

The work is now well underway but Mrs Hunt is not happy it has taken so long or that it will be done in three stages.

However, she hopes that the band stand will be restored to its former glory before too long and that it will be in full use by next summer.

The community council has already had conversations with local bands, including Kinneil Band, who have said they are interested in performing concerts once it is fully repaired.

A spokesperson for Falkirk Council said: “The works have been specifically designed, through extensive survey, in order to make the bandstand safe, and to stabilise it against ongoing decay, until such time as it can be fully restored.”

This involves putting all of the remaining cast iron eaves pieces into storage, while the decayed timber of the eaves will also be removed to facilitate initial rot works and a new plywood fascia and soffit applied.

A new PVC gutter and downpipe system will provide rainwater management while new timber straps will be applied to the existing timber-lined soffit to hold the lining in place until a refurbishment scheme of works progresses.

The spokesperson added: “We are currently expecting works to be completed before the end of the year as many of the works are dependent on suitable weather.”

The works are being carried out by BSL Interiors, with the project being managed by conservation specialists ZM Architecture.