A busy week for the Journal and Gazette

161211 Jackie Mitchell
161211 Jackie Mitchell
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OUR SAY, Jackie Mitchell, editor

IT’S been a busy old week at the J and G.

It started beautifully, with breakfast in bed for Mothers’ Day, then a gentle cycle on the foreshore in the afternoon.

Back at my desk on Monday, the stories were coming in thick and fast - not that you will hear us complaining about having too many good stories to choose from, but the question really is where to fit them all?

Our photographic and reporting teams were busy juggling poorly pooches, dramatic rescues, possible vandalisms, major planning applications and community buy-outs, and dozens more every-day stories. Each one needs checking out, even the shortest little story. Alongside their normal work, the reporters were also busy taking part in the Sports Relief Mile and photographer Gordon was clocking up more than a few miles himself out and about.

At the time of writing this we were heading for approximately 50 photos and 100 plus stories in print this week, dozens more online, plus hundreds in district news etc.

As I said - it’s been a bit busy!