A trip down memory lane in Bo’ness, Queensferry and Linlithgow

FAIR DAY in Bo'ness in the 1930s. This picture was handed in by Joe Simpson of Douglas Drive, Bo'ness. The scene is outside the Dairy  or Derry Close in Grangepans. Joe's brothers, Tom and William,  are pictured  to the right wearing white c
FAIR DAY in Bo'ness in the 1930s. This picture was handed in by Joe Simpson of Douglas Drive, Bo'ness. The scene is outside the Dairy or Derry Close in Grangepans. Joe's brothers, Tom and William, are pictured to the right wearing white c


PALACE TOUR: Prince Eitel Friederich, son of the Emporer of Germany, was a visitor to Linlithgow, although he passed through the town without being recognised. Accompanied by his staff, he undertook an inspection of Linlithgow Palace, before heading to the Highlands via Edinburgh.

POTATO HARVEST: The early lifting of the crop has begun and shows that growth has been prolific and free of disease. However, the size of the tubers is smaller than in average years and this is perhaps due to the prolonged and continuing drought.

SMUGGLER: A man described as a ‘donkeyman’ on a vessel berthed in Bo’ness Harbour has admitted being in possession of illegally-held foreign tobacco. He was fined £3 with the alternative sentence of 20 days’ imprisonment. The JP Court at Linlithgow heard that duty on the tobacco would have been £7.10s.6d.

NO POINT IN CRYING: There was a minor accident at Port Edgar when a cart driven by Mr Marshall of Banks Dairy overturned, breaking both shafts. The carter escaped with only bruising, but the entire carriage of milk was lost when spilled on the ground.


BARN BLAZE WAS ‘COMBUSTION’: The cause of a fire which resulted in extensive damage at a local farm was put down to ‘spontaneous combustion’. No one was injured in the blaze, but a barn containing 80 tons of hay was destroyed. Damage was estimated to be in the region of £1600.

NEW SCHOOL FOR OLD: A new Roman Catholic primary school building will soon open its doors. The recently-completed school will be a replacement for the former St Joseph’s RC primary on Preston Road in Linlithgow. The new building has five classrooms, a kitchen and dining area and a small playing field.

MP’s ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED: Linlithgow MP Tam Dalyell has announced that he is engaged to be married to Kathleen Wheatley, daughter of Lord and Lady Wheatley.

PINNED BY GIRDERS: A Bo’ness docker was satisfactory in hospital after being pinned down by a five ton load of steel girders. Alexander Liddle (55) was assisting with loading of the girders on to the ‘‘Yarrow’’ when one of them slipped.

OUTING: The Queensferry branch of the Co-op Women’s Guild enjoyed a day outing to Aberdour.


SCHOOL’S NOT OUT: Local schools have reported that many pupils who had left at the end of last term are in fact returning to school for further study because they are unable to find a job. Bo’ness Academy said that while some had gone to work in temporary Manpower Services’ Commission schemes, they had not been able to secure full-time, permanent work and were coming back to school instead.

FERRY GOOD DAY: Thousands of people attended the annual Ferry Fair, which was celebrated in good weather and was, in the eyes of the organisers, ‘one of the busiest ever’. One high point of the day was the crowning of the Ferry Queen, Sylvia Paton.

CALL FOR CAMPSITE FOR BURGH: A Regional councillor has backed the local tourist information office, agreeing that the area was missing out on potential income from tourism because of the lack of a formal camping and caravan site in Linlithgow and the surrounding district. The office had received many inquiries about where to pitch a tent or place a caravan locally, but there was no such formal facility and local trade was suffering a result.


FAR FROM CHARITABLE: Police were called to disturbances at the annual charity match between Bo’ness United and Lithlithgow Rose at Prestonfield Stadium as rival fans clashed. Around a dozen police officers rushed to the scene and there were at least two arrests.

BLAST ZONE TO BE INCREASED?: There were fears the so-called blast zone around various part of the petrol-chemical industry might need to be redrawn and made bigger after new legislation to be introduced by the Health and Safety Executive. It was thought that the changes could affect the Avecia plant.

NUISANCE NEIGHBOURS: West Lothain Council announced the setting-up of a new Neighbourhood Response Team to tackle the rising problem of noisy and anti-social behaviour. The team was established to tackle increasing incidents of violence, vandalism, harrassment and drug dealing.

mail cash scam: Traders in and around the area were warned to beware of a new con trick. Around 50 businessses had received official-looking final warning cash demands, which turned out to be fake.