An accident waiting to happen?

Drew McAdam
Drew McAdam

There is a main arterial road in West Lothian that is currently closed for five weeks. Five weeks.

They’re not building a new road. They are just resurfacing a few hundred yards of this major east to west A-road. And it’s going to take them five weeks.

The result is thousands of cars, buses and lorries are forced round a diversion that takes in the outskirts of a town and a winding, dangerous route along a narrow, unclassified country road.

This is a seriously nasty stretch of road. It’s a route that was designed for stagecoaches.

I predict there is going to be a serious accident. On the first day I counted six sets of skidmarks. Since when did road-workers 
discard the contraflow 
system, preferring to 
simply erect a barrier and
a “Road Closed” sign?

If they can get away with it, they can impose the same situation in your area. And since when did it take more than a month of creating utter havoc to resurface one short stretch of road? The original road was built in less time by men with picks and shovels. We’ll get answers when they have to explain at the fatal accident inquiry.