BBC needs to think again...

Drew McAdam pic, Gazette columnist
Drew McAdam pic, Gazette columnist
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Pay now, or pay later...”, “You can’t beat the system” and “It won’t take us long to find you.”

It’s the language of thugs and gangsters.

The point they are making is that “We know where you live.”

Simply, these threats are designed to bully you into doing whatever “they” want.

It’s the language of threat and fear.

How would you feel if somebody told you: “It’s only a matter of time before we catch up with you - don’t wait for the knock on the door.”

You’d feel threatened and bullied, of course.

Moreover, in legal terms it’s demanding money with menaces.

It is the use of fear and threats to extort money. And such behaviour is against the law.

So, how come the BBC’s TV Licensing authority gets away with it?

These intimidating phrases have been used in commercials designed to “encourage” you to get a TV license. Big Boy Bully tactics are wrong; whoever might issue them.

If you don’t agree… I’ll send the boys round so look out.. we know where you live!