Beecraigs leads the way with solar power

solar panels at beecraigs country park
solar panels at beecraigs country park

BEECRAIGS Country Park is leading the way in harnessing the power of daylight to create energy.

West Lothian Council recently received Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation, so it can now install solar panels on its own properties.

Their first project is the Sutherland Building at Beecraigs Country Park which will have panels installed by council staff, with further projects to follow across the region.

The solar panels capture the daylight using photovoltaic cells, which convert the daylight into electricity that is used to run 
appliances and lighting. The cells don’t need direct sunlight to work and can generate electricity on a cloudy day, producing power all year round.

Tom Conn, executive councillor for the environment, said: “This is a big step forward in increasing our use of solar energy in West Lothian. Our staff have put a good deal of work into learning how to install the solar panels, and this training will allow us to ensure more council properties are able to have the panels fitted.

“Solar is a source of clean, free energy and it makes sense for us to make best use of it for our properties. As well as being good for the environment, and providing an income from available UK Government incentives, it also saves the council money in the long-term.”