Big Band will thrill spectators

090612 Linlithgow marches 2012 first installation evening.
090612 Linlithgow marches 2012 first installation evening.

LINLITHGOW Reed Band will boast the biggest turnout in their 56-year history at this year’s Marches as they take their music to the streets.

As Linlithgow’s official Burgh Band and the principal musical ensemble at the Riding of the Marches, the Reed Band will be the largest band on parade with 55 players already signed up for the biggest day of the year.

This includes at least 15 graduates of the development wing - the LRB Training Band - the majority of whom will be making their Marches debut.

The youngest player will be saxophonist, Josh Heggie (12), who will be playing at his first Marches with older sister, Megan (13).

The most senior musician will be founding member, Eddie McKenna, who at 81, is still playing regularly with the band.

Josh started playing saxophone as a seven-year-old, with tuition from Eddie, and was one of the first members of the LRB Training Band when it was formed in 2008.

Another Marches debutante will be Elizabeth Gowenlock (53), who will be joining husband Keith and daughter, Alice (14).

All three have come through from the Training Band.

Alice was a founder member of the Training Band and is now principal clarinet player in the senior Reed Band.

Marching alongside the Gowenlock family will be trombone player, Chris Catlin, who resumed playing after many years when he joined the Training Band with his three children.

Reed Band president, Jonathan Molloy, is delighted that the band will have its biggest-ever playing strength on Marches Day.

He said: “With a mixture of old and new faces, the Reed Band should put on a tremendous show on Marches Day.

‘‘In fact, I may have to speak to the Deacon’s Court about getting some of the streets widened!

‘‘This will be the largest Reed Band in Marches history.

‘‘Many of our new players are graduates from the Training Band, which provides the perfect way for budding musicians of all ages to build their technique and confidence before progressing to the main band.

‘‘I hope they will enjoy their first Marches experience and that it will prove to be the first of many more to come.

‘‘We look forward to seeing everyone lining the streets on Tuesday and providing the usual terrific support to both the Reed Band and the Marches Day itself.’’