Brownies pack a punch with bee play

250613 Linlithgow brownies with their perrformance of "The p[light of the pixies".
250613 Linlithgow brownies with their perrformance of "The p[light of the pixies".
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The plight of the bumble bee was highlighted this week in a special play performed by Linlithgow Brownies.

Amanda Edgar wrote the entertaining “Plight of the Pixies”, a comedy which centres on a group of Brownies and Pixies who come across each other by accident, and realise they both need to fight together to save the global bee population.

The play premiered on Tuesday at St Michael’s Cross House and went down a storm.

Jennifer Gale, Brown Owl of the 9th Linlithgow Brownies, said: “I am delighted with their performance. The Brownies did a fantastic job of entertaining their audience with Amanda’s play about a group of Brownies who meet some Pixies, and join together to do good. It was the perfect play.”

Playwright Amanda Edgar was also delighted with the local performance of her work adding: “A relevant and engaging piece written for and with Brownies, this performance starts an exciting project, casting further light on our failing bee populations and connecting and empowering global Girl Guide communities.”

The decline in the global bee population has been widely reported on. A recent British Beekeepers Association survey found that the bees, crucial to plant pollination, were made vulnerable after last year’s summer was a wash-out, reducing the amount of pollen they were able to gather.

Harsh winters have also taken their toll, preventing bees from foraging for feed and stopping virgin queens from mating.

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