CALA plan makes comeback in Linlithgow

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Moves are once again afoot to bring a brand new housing development to Linlithgow which has a mixture of private and affordable housing.

For CALA Homes has lodged a pre-planning consultation for a 54 home development at Boghall East site – which is located on the south side of the A803, Blackness Road at the town’s Eastern edge.

This is the second time that CALA has submitted the plan – which was rejected back in 2014, partly due to fears about infrastructure.

However, CALA is determined to try again – with a view to submitting a planning application within 12 weeks.

Yet it can only do so by asking the public what it thinks first.

Yesterday (Thursday) a consultation event took place at the Low Port Centre to allow residents to scrutinise the plans which can also be viewed on the CALA website.

Craig Lynes, Land Director with CALA (East), said: “This is a well-known site within the community and it is important to us that the current and up to date views of local people are considered and represented in our final proposals.

“Linlithgow has experienced a distinct shortage of family housing in recent years. This is leading to higher house prices, whilst creating affordability problems for young people and new families.

“This development will help address this shortage, with 25% of the homes allocated to those who qualify as being in housing need.”

Members of Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council have discussed the plans and are staying open-minded about the project.

Chairperson Martin Crook explained: “Because of where CALA are in the planning process it’s a bit difficult to comment at the moment, but what we can say based on our response to their last application is that we are broadly supportive of the plan to build houses on that site.

“We know from our consultation carried out as part of the development of the West Lothian Local Development Plan, that housing is needed and wanted in Linlithgow

“However we need the right homes, built in the right place, rather than five bedroom homes built where land owners and developers want to build.”

Mr Crook also said that any planning application would have to offer decent road access – as the community council had objected to a perceived lack of this in the last application.

Members say they must also be satisfied that affordable homes are enough of a feature on the site as a whole.