Casting a spell over children with magical day out

Aspiring wizards can have a bewitching experience this summer.

Monday, 3rd July 2017, 12:51 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:30 am

Thanks to the School of Spells which is running for nine and three quarter days in The Thistle Shopping Centre, Stirling until Monday, July 10, they can have a magical time,

Daily from 11am to 4pm, wannabe wizards will have their imagination fired by wand-making and spell-creating – and it’s all free!

Launched at the weekend on the platform at Stirling railway station, it is now in the shopping centre where new arrivals to the school will be met by the spell-casting wizard teacher – afther they’ve got past the steamer trunk installation and a rather opinionated talking cat.

Parents will be warned that occasionally spells can go wrong and that they should be prepared for the likelihood of mishap!

Once inside the imposing grey school building with its gargoyles, mossy, grey stones, craggy trees and a giant spell book casting magic up high, children will be taken into the school-room where they will invent their own unique spell written in wizard script.

With the spell written, a second bright, cheerful and friendly spell school teacher will then help the

children to create their own wand which will allow them to cast their personal spells.

The teacher will also share stories about past spells that went wrong.

Once children have their own spell and unique wand in place, they move on to the Sweep You Off Your Feet simulation broomstick flight training area. Here, they will be allocated the appropriate

broom, and given rudimentary broom-flight skills against the starry sky.

The School of Spells experience culminates with the children’s graduation. Here the teacher will

present each child with their graduation certificate. Against the backdrop of the flight simulator, children will be able to pose so their proud parents can take photographs of them with their graduation certificate.

Phil Byrne, The Thistles said, “School of Spells is a magical destination for the summer school holidays and an unmissable attraction. This weekend’s launch was incredible, with aspiring wizards of all ages getting proceedings off to a spellbinding start.

The School, which runs for 9 ¾ days, is free and open to all – simply come along to The Thistles between 11am – 4pm daily. In keeping with the theme, School of Spells promises to be a bewitching experience and one which is guaranteed to fire imaginations.”