City bus service is saved

breaking news
breaking news

the X19 city bus service between Bo’ness and Edinburgh has been saved but it will continue in a different form.

The service will have two buses at peak times in the morning and two in the afternoon from Falkirk, Grangemouth and Bo’ness, but off-peak journeys will start at Bo’ness Bus Station with links to the Service 19.

The X19 service is only one of a number which has been under review by Falkirk Council as they try to make savings in the passenger transport budget.

First Bus announced in August last year that the X19 service was to be axed in November but communters joined ranks to protest through petitions.

They aid that they would co-operate with the local authority to explore options for journeys that are considered to be of social value but not commercially viable, and Falkirk Council came up with funding to keep the X19 running.

The review was carried out by passenger transport consultants TAS who confirmed that the X19 contract is costly, but the loss of a through link to Edinburgh would cause substantial inconvenience.

A new system will also see changes for Service 49 which operates between Bo’ness and Linlithgow via Blackness. West Lothian Council operate a Taxibus service which will be extended to Blackness and onto Bo’ness, giving Blackness a more frequesnt service.

There had been fears that the E22 service between Falkirk and Whitecross would be axed but the council has agreed that it should remain unchanged. The F45 evening and Sunday service between Bo’ness and Linlithgow willl also continue.