Classic cars will converge on Linlithgow

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Linlithgow will provide the atmospheric backdrop for some magnificent motors at the Linlithgow Classic Car Day on Sunday (August 26)

Run once again by Linlithgow Classic Car Group, the big day will be kick started by a registration process at the Park Bistro, East of Linlithgow between 9am and 10.30am.

The famed road run road will begin after 10.30am via South Queensferry and Bo’ness returning to Linlithgow town centre for the static car show about 12.30pm.

The cars will assemble for the show in the town centre around Linlithgow Cross, at the Vennel and in the Linlithgow Palace car park.

Show commentary, entertainment and music will be provided up until about 4.30/5pm,

There will be prizes for first second and third Best Cars of the show - selected by the entrants themselves.

Last year, a total of 175 cars from Scotland and beyond took part in the extravaganza which is the highlight of the club’s year.

Organiser David Keddie of Linlithgow Bridge said: “This is a unique event because it takes place in the centre of town - this is the ninth event and it started to give businesses a bit of a boost.

“I know now there is an emphasis on speed and the cleanliness of vehicles from an environmental standpoint but people just love to see old cars.

“We will have a few dating back to 1929 but it is not just cars at this event as we have a couple of World War Two jeeps and some motorbikes tend to turn up too.

“Some of the newer and faster vehicles will drive across the Queensferry Crossing for the first time on our run which will also take in the Bo’ness and Kinneil railway. We just hope the weather stays dry!”

The Gazette will feature a photo spread on this event in next week’s edition.