Council’s on the right road at last...

Drew McAdam pic, Gazette columnist
Drew McAdam pic, Gazette columnist
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Last week I wrote about the scandal which involved the closing of a main West 
Lothian ‘A’ road for five weeks.

The council had blocked it off for that length of time so they might resurface a short length of road.

The result meant thousands of vehicles taking a diversion along an unclassified road that isn’t actually wide enough for two vehicles.

Well, guess what: the road was re-opened three weeks early! What they thought would take five weeks, took less than two.

So, either my column – predicting a serious accident – had an effect.

Or, the local businesses that were losing custom kicked up such a stink (at one point involving the Police being called out) that the Council decided they’d better get a shift on.

Of course, perhaps the local roads department is so incompetent that they can’t actually estimate how long it will take to resurface 400 metres of roadway.

Or, could it be that the council overestimate the time it’s going to take by doubling it and adding a half…so that when they finish on time they look good and we all give them a pat on the back?

Drew McAdam