Dedicated fencing

200312 graeme De Sainte Croix with the sword of merit.
200312 graeme De Sainte Croix with the sword of merit.
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FENCER extra-ordinaire Graeme de Sainte Croix has been awarded the prestigious Sword of Merit from the Scottish Fencing Association.

The award is given for services to fencing and fencing coach Graeme, also a maths teacher at Linlithgow Academy, has around 29 years of experience under his belt.

He said: “I’m used to the kids getting awards but I’m not used to accepting trophies myself!

“I’ve been fencing since I was in my teens, so it’s been a long time.

‘‘I thoroughly enjoy it - it’s taken over my family’s life as well, and they compete at national level.”

Graeme coaches pupils from Linlithgow Academy and Braes High School three nights a week and on Saturday mornings.

He also runs three major fencing tournaments.

He added: “In Scotland, there’s the Glasgow Open and the M8 Open national tournaments, then there’s the international Leon Paul Junior Series for Great Britain.

‘‘I get a lot of joy from it, and it also has a good effect on the school kids - helping them develop as the discipline becomes part of their everyday life and helps them academically.”

The Sword of Merit is a traditional duelling épee that was first awarded in 1973.

STEEL APPEAL: Graeme is pictured (right) with his coveted award.