Dick Whittington panto is a hit in Linlithgow

110112 Linlithgow players panto "Dick Whittington".
110112 Linlithgow players panto "Dick Whittington".
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Young Dick Whittington just wants to earn an honest living and has heard the streets of London are paved with gold so he and Tommy, his trusty cat, set out to make their dreams come true.

This rags to riches fairytale is perfect pantomime material and the Linlithgow Players presented their unique version with vim and vigour on Thursday night at the Academy Theatre.

110112 Linlithgow players panto "Dick Whittington".

110112 Linlithgow players panto "Dick Whittington".

King Rat (Brian Peebles) commanded the stage as the cunning baddie who would stop at nothing to get rid of Dick and his cat.

As he strutted to and fro his spectacular cape covered in hand-made fabric rats flowed behind him and his fantastic evil laugh reverberated around the auditorium encouraging lots of boos and hisses.

There were some lovely Cockney accents too, once we arrived in old London town, namely from Jill (Liz Drewitt) who came across as Julie Andrews with a heavy pinch of mischief and silly Cilla who had some great one liners which she delivered with just the right amount of innocence and wit.

Dick (Sue Spencer) and Alice (Laura Neary) performed a beautiful duet of “Our Song” as they started to fall in love. A refreshingly resonant combination of vocals with Neary providing a cut glass quality and Spencer a pleasing timbre.

As the action moved on to the ship, it would be amiss not to mention the fabulous outfit worn by Sarah the cook (Peter France) who carried off the nautical look with pride and especially suited the sailing ship hat.

It was then time for some audience participation, so the whole audience was up on its feet singing a ‘Song At Sea’.

A wonderful night of entertainment from the Players supported by a lively young chorus and the superb Central School of Ballet dancers.

CAST: Dick, Sue Spencer; Tommy the Cat, Ian Stewart; King Rat, Brian Peebles; Jill, Liz Drewitt; Sarah the Cook, Peter France; Cilla, Judy Barker; Alderman Fitzwarren, Lorna Irving; Alice, Laura Neary; Jack, Eleanor Bain; Fairy Bowbells, Sue Vizard; Sultana, Anita France; Captai, Sue Vizard; Sultan, Andy MacGregor; Tufazell, David Wotherspoon. Chorus: Elizabeth Bell, Ruth Provan, Beth Norwell, Annabel Biddulph, Holly Mayland, Aisling McMcCusker, Niamh Chadwick, Morag Mayland, Karla Hardie, Catriona Stewart, Kirsten Milne, Ina Milne, Elaine Carey, Charlotte Cartey, Olivia Scott, Jenny Pickwell, Charles Mackenie, Barbara Innes, Karen Gallie. Central Scotland School of Ballet dancers led by Sammy Clark, Amanda Louise Clark, Jacqueline Clark; Adele Cook, Nicole Cook, Chloe Coyle, Hayley Fleming, Brooke Lipski, Dayna Lipski, Paige Lipski, Rosie Walker.